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Momo's Talk Embroidered Cylinder Handbag 24.5*17cm

Momo's Talk Embroidered Cylinder Handbag 24.5*17cm

Retail: SGD 23.00
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  • Embroidery has long been the darling of the fashion industry. Various patterns combined with exquisite embroidery work are gorgeous but not exaggerated.
  • The uneven texture and exquisite craftsmanship showcase its quality to the max.
  • Denim is a time-tested element of fashion while linen has gradually gained widespread acceptance.
  • These classic elements are cleverly integrated to design a practical yet chic handbag.
  • Denim and linen embroideries are strongly textured with a retro and elegant style.
  • The customized fabric, PU handle, and cylindrical shape contribute to a quality and stylish product.
  • Whether as a lunch bag or a handbag for personal items, this is your go-to bag for going to the office, grocery shopping, casual walks, and more.




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