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100% Real Fruit
Gluten Free
100% Real Fruit
Gluten Free

Mycheery Freeze Dried Assorted Fruits, 100% Real Fruit 45g

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Why you should stock this

  • The brand has more than 20 years of freeze-dried experience
  • Freeze-dried mix-fruits fruit crisp
  • 100% real freeze-dried fruit snacks. No preservatives, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, crisp and pleasant texture, taste similar to natural
  • Freeze-dried fruit is convenient, nutritious, and fun to add to different recipes
  • Don't worry it's still highly nutritious because it keeps much of its nutritional content through the freeze-drying process
  • Longer shelf life and it contain the same sugar level as compared to fresh food 








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Shelf Life

18 Months

Storage Type

Cool Dry Place

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Banana, strawberry, apple, mango, and glucose

Our promise:

Min. Shelf Life Of 3 Months* From Date Of Shipment Guaranteed

20 Years of Freeze-Drying Food Tech Experience)


GMP certified HACCP certified ISO22000 certified Annual Sales: US$29 million
Currently sold at:
  • Chain supermarkets - Carrefour, Walmart, Yonghui Superstore
  • Newly launched brand of freeze-dried fruits, MyCheery.
  • Made with 100% pure fruit, no artificial flavours, colours & preservatives​.
  • The products are minimally processed and have a long shelf life​ of 18 months.
  • 20 Years of Freeze-Drying Food Tech Experience)