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Yumizi Mushroom Flavour Beancurd Snack 120g

Yumizi Mushroom Flavour Beancurd Snack 120g

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  • Raw Ingredients: Non genetically modified soybeans is used, adopt traditional tofu production technology, retain the original aroma of dried tofu, and have a delicate taste and chewy texture. Add about 20% high-quality shiitake mushrooms, stir-fry after slicing, and mix with dried tofu to increase natural aroma and improve taste
  • Technology: Using more than 20 kinds of precious spices such as star anise, aromatic ginger, fennel, etc. as the braise ingredients, slowly braised for 40 minutes, the taste is thick and the fragrance is strong
  • Process: frying at high temperature to remove excess water and increase color, aroma and chewiness
  • Taste: Use pepper, Sichuan pepper and other seasonings to highlight the spicy taste of Chongqing, and develop a variety of flavor products to meet different taste preferences
  • Package: It is packaged in food-grade transparent high temperature resistant cooking bags




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9 Months

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Soybeans (21.5%), Water (54%), Shiitake Mushrooms (20%), Vegetable Oil (3%), Sugar (0.5%), Salt (1%)

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